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October Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The students in Room 24 have settled in well with our daily classroom routines.  Thank you parents for checking your child’s agenda book nightly and signing it.  Students should have about 30 minutes of homework every night on top of nightly reading.  Thank you also for donating “beautiful junk” to our classroom collection of “things to innovative and creative with.”

Our launch into Language this past month was how to write descriptively by adding supporting evidence to ideas in writing.  We also learned to extract the main idea in a body of text as well as how to effectively summarize a body of text.  We will begin to respond effectively to various text through journal writing.  Students will learn what a good response should sound and look like.

Our math periods consist of ongoing learning between students and their math partners.  After presenting a math problem to the class, the students solve the problem with their math partner.  Students then present their strategies to others.  This critical moment is where students ask questions, think, and learn together.  By doing this, students also learn to cooperate with others, solve problems, and think on their feet.  Having said this, there is explicit teaching of important math concepts and clarification of any confusions students may have.  Students also have an opportunity to work independently by practising what they’ve worked on with their partner and what they’ve learned through the teacher.  We wrapped up our Data Management strand with an end-of-unit test on organizing, displaying, and analyzing data.  Please make sure you have reviewed your child’s test by signing it.  We will be moving on to Number Sense and Numeration where we will explore the value of numbers by representing and comparing them.  We will also learn effective strategies for addition and subtraction.  Students will continue to think critically about mathematical problems.  To help foster strong math skills, parents are encouraged to review basic adding and subtracting skills at home.

Our Grade 3s have been studying Communities in Canada around the 1700s.  Through discussion and lessons, I have noticed a heightened interest in this subject.  Students have shown their curiosity on how the early settlers and the Aboriginal Peoples lived back then.  Although it is important to know about life in Upper Canada around the 1700s, it’s even more important for students to think critically about the information presented to them.  We have been learning how to ask “deep” questions in class, and to have inquiring minds.  Coming up is a culminating task where students need to show their understanding of the relationships between and among the various community groups in Upper Canada around 1700 as well as the reasons for settlement and what impact all of this has on us today!

Congratulations to Jayden and Florence for winning the Respect Award for the month of September.  Parents, please be sure to return the trip permission form promptly.  We are sure to have an exciting, informative and fun time at Pioneer Village on October 13.   I am looking forward to our second month of learning as well as meeting all of you on Curriculum Night on October 13!

Working Together,

Mrs. Lin


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